ABC is Hittin’ the Road!!!

Amber is traveling A LOT this summer, both for ABC Coast to Coast and also as the emcee/host for Five Hour Energy at Nascar, NHRA, air shows and state fairs across the country!!! So check here for the current schedule and let us know if there’s something you would like her to check out in these locations! We’re always looking for new faces and places in these cities, so love to hear your thoughts! Here’s where Amber’s hanging her hat thus far from April to September, check back periodically as we all know things can change in a New York minute! :) And hopefully she’ll be ABC-ing you soon!

St. Louis, MO- April 11-15
Las Vegas, NV- April 16-20
Philadelphia, PA- April 21-April 23
Boston, MA- April 24- April 27
Houston, TX- April 27- April 30
New York, NY- May 1- May 5
Miami, FL- May 8- May 13
Aruba, one happy island- May 18- May 26
Dover, DE- May 30- June 4
Ocean City, MD- June 7- June 10
Boston, MA- July 10-12
Loudon, New Hampshire- July 12- 15
Chicago, IL- July 23- 29
Columbus, OH- July 31- Aug 7
Vineland, NJ- Aug10- Aug 12
Des Moines, Iowa- Aug 16- Aug 20
Sea Isle, NJ- Aug 24- Aug 29
Baltimore, MD- Aug 30- Sept 2
St. Louis, MO- Sept 9- Sept 13
Boston, MA- Sept 18- Sept 19
Loudon, NH- Sept 20- 23
Dover, DE- Sept 26- 30
New York, NY- Oct 19- Oct 21st

**ALSO check back in a few days for Amber’s “Friends in High Places” special-  check out where an artistic director for a horror extravaganza, an off-Broadway director, a Rockette, and an award-winning suit designer get their inspiration! Curious? Stay tuned!!