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With Comic Con around the corner, check out EternalCon, Long Island’s biggest Comic Con! Amber had the insider’s pass, interviewing celebrities, guests, and vendors in this fun-packed two day convention. Check it out and make sure you get your tickets early for next year’s EternalCon!

Fitness From Within: Brett Hoebel

Straight from the sets of Dr. Oz, The Talk, and The Revolution, Biggest Loser celebrity trainer Brett Hoebel gives us a very personal look into his inspiration, his NUMBER ONE fitness tip, and his family life. Check out the man behind those rock-hard abs, and get to know the beautiful heart behind the beautiful smile!

THE PLAN – Meet Lyn-Genet Recitas and Her Team!

Lyn-Genet Recitas again sits down with Amber in an exclusive interview for The Plan AND we get to meet her expert team in a rare behind the scenes look into why The Plan is such a raging success! One loses a minimum of a half pound A DAY on The Plan, while eating over 2,000 calories, and watch those medical problems melt away with the weight! You’ll see firsthand why The Plan is a New York Times BestSeller, and after meeting with Lyn, Dr. Oz even stated “I have to rethink everything I have been telling my patients!”

Savion Glover- Up Close & Personal (Short)

The man, the talent, the legend! Here’s our recent chat with Savion Glover about how he started tapping, why he thought himself an “average” (average?!) tapper as a child, and his thoughts on his mentors, family, and the GREATS of tap.