Brett Hoebel, “Fitness From Within” Teaser

Brett Hoebel is the fitness trainer of the stars, trainer on “The Biggest Loser”, and he is letting you in on the softer side of those rock hard abs! So check back to check out the wonderful Brett Hoebel!

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Frank Meo, Author, “Mind Prints

Frank Meo gives you an inside look into his imagination in creating the book, “Mind Prints”, as well as discusses some of the events for which no image exists, but yet you can see in your mind’s eye.


“America’s Breath of Fresh Air” is a must see!

Star of “America’s Breath of Fresh Air” Howie Michael Smith

“America’s Breath of Fresh Air” is exactly what the doctor ordered; a nice refreshing FUNNY show that will have you howling in the aisles. This Fringe favorite follows Bob Summers (Howie Michael Smith) into his fast-paced trip to stardom after he becomes a reality TV star. Smith’s voice is nothing short of fantastic, and lends to the genius book and lyrics perfectly. The talented cast is hysterical, and the comedic choreography is well-placed. It’s rare to find a show that takes you on a hilarious ride from start to finish, leaving you wanting more, and “America’s Breath of Fresh Air” does just that. Do yourself a favor, grab a ticket using the link below ,and get ready to laugh!
Warning for busy New Yorkers- They do NOT allow late seating.

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Frank Meo Teaser

It’s that time again- Teaser Tuesday at 2! Today we are teasing your imagination in our introduction of author Frank Meo, who asks the question, “If an image doesn’t exist for a certain occurrence, can you still “SEE” an image in your mind?” Check back to check out Frank Meo next week, but as promised, here’s your sneak peek!

Katrina of Mayet Fitness

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